A tutorial on global warming: and analysis of why we aren’t fighting it.
This provides a fairly comprehensive tutorial on multiple aspects of global warming or climate change in an easy-to-read, relatively compact manner. Uses multi- disciplinary systems approach to analyze why governments and most citizens are not taking global warming seriously.

A Case study of the genesis of World War 1
This case study is a description and analysis of the way Europe’s geo-political system evolved up to the beginning of WW1. It does not address the war itself. I could have described it in the manner history books and articles do, and that alone would have sufficed as an interesting example of how such societal systems can behave. But it wouldn’t have added any value to what’s been done elsewhere in the literature. Instead I’ve chosen to describe it in a different manner, namely in systems terms where I see it as a dynamic system that evolved step by step, over time, until a war broke out.

The behavior of N-body, spring/mass systems
A simulation model is used to analyze the behavior of N-body spring/mass systems. Both 3 and 6 body systems are explored. Many runs are made on various system configurations or designs implemented by changing masses, spring stiffness’s, and/or which bodies are linked.

Systems Behavior and Chaos: A non-mathematical introduction and analysis
Over the course of the last few years I have been looking into the behavior of several systems in order to identify basic behaviors – including chaotic oscillation – that may apply to ecological, climatic, political, economic and other large systems. This eBook is the culmination of my enquiries and it contains no mathematics, making it suitable for any analytically minded person who knows high school physics and seeks to better understand how the world works.